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ThinkSpark Media and GOODE Skis team up to create March Madness-like Bracket Challenge

One of the many things that makes GOODE Skis a great client to work with is their willingness to try new things. One such example is the GOODE Bracket Challenge, a season-long, five-round tournament featuring many of the world’s best water skiers.

ThinkSpark Media proposed the Bracket Challenge as a way to reward GOODE’s most loyal, highest performing customers, as well as give the water skiing public a fun competition to follow and interact with over the course of the summer.

The result was a March Madness-like tournament with five rounds of brackets, where skiers competed head-to-head to advance to the next round. The tournament began with 32 skiers, and with each round was pared down to 16, 8 and so on.

The competition on the water was fantastic – take a look at the ThinkSpark Media filmed, edited and produced video above to see the recap of the Final Four – but the most innovative part of the Bracket Challenge was the online fan contest.

Using open source software developed for the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, ThinkSpark Media’s web dev team created a new site that allowed fans to pick their own brackets and follow their success, or lack thereof, throughout the summer. In the end, one lucky fan picked every single bracket correctly and claimed the $5,000 perfect bracket prize offered by GOODE.

The Bracket Challenge was a great success, building loyalty among GOODE’s best skiers, introducing a completely new format to the sport of water skiing and generating a lot of awareness for GOODE and it’s reputation for innovation.

Click here to view an article summarizing the final results on- and off-the water.

Video equipment/software: Canon 60D, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects


A little April Fool’s Day fun

Wood water skis have been out of fashion for probably 50 years. That’s why so many people in the sport couldn’t believe it when GOODE Skis made the shocking announcement that they were producing high performance wood combos … at least until they realized what date it was.

Video equipment/software: Canon 60D, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects

The 2014 ProutyPeople.org map is live!

ThinkSpark Media is proud to announce the launch of the 2014 version of ProutyPeople.org, a website that celebrates the people and places that make The Prouty Prouty Bike, Walk and Row Against Cancer a beloved community event.

This is the fourth year that TSM has teamed up with client and Prouty event organizer Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center to host ProutyPeople.org. The site features a navigable map with user-submitted participant, sponsor and supporter profiles. The TSM team not only developed the site’s design and architecture, but also the behind-the-scenes database that drives the mapping function.

The initiative is designed to build Prouty community spirit and boost fundraising efforts by giving supporters an opportunity to share the stories behind their involvement. The Prouty is northern New England’s largest fundraiser and has raised more than $17 million for cancer research and patient services at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center. This year’s event takes place July 11-12.

ThinkSpark Media and Wilkinson Films team up to release GOODE Skis promo video

We’re happy to release our latest and most ambitions video project, a GOODE Skis promo video produced in partnership with Wilkinson Films. Enjoy!

Gesiel School of Medicine at Dartmouth taps ThinkSpark Media

ThinkSpark Media is happy to announce that it has been retained by the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth to provide strategic communications assistance during its curriculum redesign process.

Among the services we’ll be providing the Ivy League school is the management of regular communications with faculty, staff and students, including through the creation of a new newsletter and website.

ThinkSpark Media turns five

As we celebrate our fifth anniversary this week, I’d like to thank all the great clients, colleagues and supporters who’ve made it all possible.

Justin Campfield


When 200 miles isn’t enough …

During our years of working with the Prouty Bike, Walk and Row Against Cancer, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting a number of inspiring people who are committed to the cause.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to produce a short video that featured five cyclists whose commitment went way above and beyond the normal … 100 miles above the normal to be exact.

Watch the video above for the rest of the story.

ThinkSpark Media expands web portfolio with launch of new websites

Kudos to the ThinkSpark Media web design team, which has been hard at work developing and launching websites for health care industry clients VOBA Solutions and the American Academy of Pediatrics Vermont Chapter.

To see the team’s handiwork, visit VOBASolutions.com and AAPVT.org.

ThinkSpark Media launches Trail-Check.com


It’s pretty cool to launch a new website, but even cooler when that website signals the start of a new company.  That’s what we’ve been up to lately, helping Lebanon, N.H.-based TrailCheck get up and running with the launch of Trail-Check.com.

In addition to designing and developing Trail-Check.com, we’ve helped the company by designing a logo, developing collateral materials and conducting national media outreach.

TrailCheck is a new browser-based software that creates electronic ski patrol incident reports that are more accurate, efficient and accessible than the traditional paper-based systems in wide use today.  The result? Improved document management, standardization of the report completion process, identification of gaps in information collection and secure storage of reports for easy access.

So the next time you are skiing or snowboarding, we really, really hope you don’t need help from the ski patrol.  But if you do … you might just see TrailCheck in action.


ThinkSpark tabbed for immunization public information campaign

We are proud to announce that we’ve been selected by the American Academy of Pediatricians Vermont Chapter to develop and implement a public information campaign to help reverse the trend of declining immunization rates in the state.

The campaign will aim to inform parents and policy makers of the importance of immunizations – and their track record of eliminating or greatly reducing numerous horrible diseases – across multiple platforms, including broadcast television and radio, online, publicity and social media.

In our minds, protecting children from potentially deadly and disabling diseases such as measles, meningitis, polio and whooping cough is an extremely worth goal and we’re honored to be a part of the effort.